R850-61. Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation  

R850-61-100. Authorities
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1. This rule implements Sections 6, 8, 10 and 12 of the Enabling Act, Articles X and XX of the Utah Constitution, and Sections 53C-1-302(1)(a)(ii) and 53C-2-201(1)(a) which authorize the Director of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration to prescribe the management of cultural resources on trust lands. This rule outlines the manner by which the agency shall, pursuant to Section 53C-1-201(5)(b), provide policies for the ownership and control of Native American remains as defined in Section 9-9-402, that are discovered or excavated on school and institutional trust lands.

R850-61-200. Scope and Applicability
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1. This rule applies to all Native American remains found on school and institutional trust lands.

R850-61-300. Duties Upon Discovery of Remains
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1. Human remains are to be treated at all times with dignity and respect. Any person who discovers human remains on school and institutional trust lands must immediately cease all activity which might disturb the remains, take reasonable steps to protect the remains, and report the discovery to local law enforcement (in accordance with Section 76-9-704) and to the Director

2. If discontinuation of the activity is reasonable and prudent, and consistent with the Director's fiduciary responsibilities, the immediate site shall be restored and all activity in the area shall be re-routed or discontinued to limit any further disturbance to the site

3. If discontinuation is not reasonable or prudent, the agency shall follow the Utah Division of Indian Affairs' process (as contained in Utah Administrative Code R230-1) except when the Director concludes by written finding that:

(a) the determination of whether the remains in question are Native American, pursuant to U.A.C. R230-1-6(3), will unduly impact an authorized use of trust lands; or

(b) the time needed to prepare a preservation plan or the requirements of such a plan, pursuant to U.A.C. R230-1-7(1), will violate the fiduciary duty to the trust. When such a finding is made, the Director will assume control over the process.

4. Ownership or control of any Native American human remains that are excavated or removed from the site shall be determined pursuant to Utah Code Annotated Section 9-9-401 et seq.