R850-150. Rare Plant Species  

R850-150-100. Authorities
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  The activities of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration are authorized by Sections 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 of the Utah Enabling Act, Articles X and XX of the Utah Constitution, and the Utah Trust Lands Management Act, Section 53C-1-101 et seq. This rule is specifically authorized by Section 53C-2-202 which authorizes the director to make determinations with respect to the management, protection, and conservation of plant species located on trust lands which are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act.

R850-150-200. Definitions
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  For purposes of this rule:

  1. "Conservation Agreement" means that certain Conservation Agreement and Strategy for Graham's Beardtongue (Penstemon grahamii) and White River Beardtongue (P. scariosus var. albifluensis) dated July 22, 2014.

  2. "Conservation Area" means any trust lands contained within a Conservation Area described in Appendices A and B of the Conservation Agreement.

R850-150-300. Restriction on Surface Disturbance within Conservation Areas
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  1. Lessees or permittees of trust lands located within Conservation Areas may not undertake surface disturbance of trust lands without prior written permission of the agency.

  2. Agency determinations with respect to requests to undertake surface disturbance within Conservation Areas will be governed by the terms of the Conservation Agreement.

  3. Unauthorized surface disturbance of trust lands within Conservation Areas will be considered a trespass as provided in Section 53C-2-301.