R850-10. Expedited Rulemaking  

R850-10-100. Authorities
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This rule implements Sections 6, 8, 10, and 12 of the Utah Enabling Act, Articles X and XX of the Utah Constitution, and Section 53C-1-201(3)(c), which authorize the Director and Board of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration to develop a procedure for expedited rulemaking.

R850-10-200. Expedited Rulemaking Procedures
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When the criteria listed below are satisfied, the agency may pursue rulemaking in an expedited manner, expediting the traditional process provided for in 63G-3.

1. Material supporting the director's proposal should be provided to the board so that there is sufficient time for review prior to the meeting, when conditions permit.

2. The proposed action will be included on the published agenda for the board meeting.

3. The agency will provide a list of individuals who have been contacted and/or involved in the drafting of the proposed rule. Those individuals shall be invited to the board meeting.

4. A written finding shall be presented to the board which shall include the information required by Subsection 53C-1-201(3)(c)(i) through (iii).

5. The presentation of the proposed rule will include the existing language, if any, with new language underlined and language to be removed indicated by brackets and strike through. A copy of the proposed rule as it would appear after adoption will also be provided.

6. The agency shall disclose at the board meeting its anticipated effective date for the rule, and proposed actions to be taken upon implementation.