R651. Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation  

R651-101. Adjudicative Proceedings
R651-102. Government Records Access Management Act
R651-201. Definitions
R651-202. Boating Advisory Council
R651-203. Waterway Marking System
R651-204. Regulating Waterway Markers
R651-205. Zoned Waters
R651-206. Carrying Passengers for Hire
R651-207. Registration Fee
R651-208. Backing Plates
R651-209. Anchored and Beached Vessels
R651-210. Change of Address
R651-211. Assigned Numbers
R651-212. Display of Yearly Registration Decals and Month of Expiration Decals
R651-213. Dealer Numbers and Registrations
R651-214. Temporary Registration
R651-215. Personal Flotation Devices
R651-216. Navigation Lights - Note: Figures 1 through 7 mentioned below are on file with the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation
R651-217. Fire Extinguishers
R651-218. Carburetor Backfire Flame Control
R651-219. Additional Safety Equipment
R651-220. Registration and Numbering Exemptions
R651-221. Boat Liveries - Boat Rental Companies
R651-222. Muffling Requirements
R651-223. Vessel Accident Reporting
R651-224. Towed Devices
R651-226. Regattas and Races
R651-227. Boating Safety Course Fees
R651-301. State Recreation Fiscal Assistance Programs
R651-401. Off-Highway Vehicle and Registration Stickers
R651-405. Off-Highway Implement of Husbandry Sticker Fee
R651-406. Off-Highway Vehicle Registration Fees
R651-407. Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory Council
R651-409. Minimum Amounts of Liability Insurance Coverage for an Organized Practice or Sanctioned Race
R651-410. Off-Highway Vehicle Safety Equipment
R651-411. OHV Use in State Parks
R651-412. Curriculum Standards for OHV Education Programs Offered by Non-Division Entities
R651-601. Definitions as Used in These Rules
R651-602. Aircraft and Powerless Flight
R651-603. Animals
R651-604. Audio Devices.
R651-605. Begging and Soliciting.
R651-606. Camping
R651-607. Disorderly Conduct.
R651-608. Events of Special Uses
R651-609. Explosives and Fireworks.
R651-610. Expulsion.
R651-611. Fee Schedule
R651-612. Veteran's with Disabilities Honor Pass
R651-613. Fires.
R651-614. Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
R651-615. Motor Vehicle Use.
R651-616. Organized Sports.
R651-617. Permit Violation.
R651-618. Picnicking.
R651-619. Possession of Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances
R651-620. Protection of Resources Park System Property.
R651-621. Reports of Injury or Damage.
R651-622. Rock Climbing
R651-623. Sale or Distribution of Printed Material
R651-624. Sanitation
R651-625. Shirts and Shoes
R651-626. Skating, Skateboards and Motorized Transportation Devices
R651-627. Swimming
R651-628. Trails and Walks
R651-629. Unattended Property
R651-630. Unsupervised Children.
R651-631. Winter Sports
R651-632. Enforcement
R651-633. Special Closures or Restrictions
R651-634. Nonresident OHV User Permits and Fees
R651-635. Commercial Use of Division Managed Park Areas
R651-636. Procedures for Application to Receive Funds From the Zion National Park Restricted Account
R651-637. Antelope Island State Park Special Mule Deer and Bighorn Sheep Hunt
R651-700. Administrative Procedures for Real Property Management
R651-801. Swimming Prohibited
R651-802. Scuba Diving