R527. Human Services, Recovery Services  

R527-3. Definitions
R527-5. Release of Information
R527-10. Disclosure of Information to the Office of Recovery Services
R527-34. Non-IV-A Services
R527-35. Non-IV-A Fee Schedule
R527-36. Collection of Child Support After a Termination of Parental Rights or Adoption
R527-37. Closure Criteria for Support Cases
R527-38. Unenforceable Cases
R527-39. Applicant/Recipient Cooperation
R527-40. Retained Support
R527-56. In-Kind Support
R527-200. Administrative Procedures
R527-201. Medical Support Services
R527-231. Review and Adjustment of Child Support Order
R527-250. Emancipation
R527-253. Collection of Child Support Judgments
R527-254. Limitations on Collection of Arrears
R527-255. Substantial Change in Circumstances
R527-258. Enforcing Child Support When the Obligor is an Ex-Prisoner or in a Treatment Program
R527-260. Driver License Suspension for Failure to Pay Support
R527-275. Passport Release
R527-300. Income Withholding
R527-301. Non-IV-D Income Withholding
R527-302. Income Withholding Fees
R527-303. Automatic Payment Withdrawal
R527-305. High-Volume, Automated Administrative Enforcement in Interstate Child Support Cases
R527-330. Posting Priority of Payments Received
R527-332. Unreimbursed Assistance Calculation
R527-378. Withholding of Social Security Benefits
R527-394. Posting Bond or Security
R527-412. Intercept of Unemployment Compensation
R527-430. Administrative Notice of Lien-Levy Procedures
R527-450. Federal Tax Refund Intercept
R527-475. State Tax Refund Intercept
R527-601. Establishing or Modifying an Administrative Award for Child Support
R527-800. Acquisition of Real Property, and Medical Support Cooperation Requirements
R527-920. Mandatory Disbursement to Obligee Through Electronic Funds Transfer
R527-928. Lost Checks
R527-936. Third Party Liability, Medicaid