R452-100. Certified Local Museum Designation

R452-100-1. Authority and Purpose
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(1) This rule is enacted pursuant to Subsection 9-6-603(8).

(2) This rule establishes a program by which local museums may be designated as certified local museums.

R452-100-2. Requirements Museums Must Meet in Order to Be Considered Eligible for Application as a Certified Local Museum
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(1) In order to apply for certified local museum designation, a museum shall:

(a) be located in Utah;

(b) be a nonprofit organization that has tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code;

(c) be organized on a permanent basis for educational or aesthetic purposes;

(d) have as its primary purpose the display or use of collections and exhibits;

(e) display objects to the public through facilities that it own or operates; and

(f) have at least one paid or unpaid staff member, or the equivalent, whose primary duty is the care, acquisition, or exhibition to the public of objects owned or used by the museum.

(2) A museum operated by a government entity need not satisfy the requirements of Subsection (1)(b).

R452-100-3. Application for Certified Local Museum Designation
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(1) A museum wishing to apply for the certified local museum designation shall:

(a) complete the form entitled "Certification Requirements for Museums" which is available from the Office of Museum Services;

(b) obtain a letter from the Department of the Treasury confirming that:

(i) the museum is registered as a nonprofit organization as described in Subsection R210-100-2(1)(b); and

(ii) the museum has been assigned an Employee Identification Number.

(c) submit both the form and the letter to the Office of Museum Services.

(2) A museum operated by a political subdivision of the state:

(a) need not comply with the requirements of Subsection (1)(b); and

(b) shall submit a letter to the Office of Museum Services:

(i) indicating that it is operated by a political subdivision of the state; and

(ii) providing an Employee Identification Number.

R452-100-4. Granting a Certified Local Museum Designation
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Upon receipt of the materials outlined in Section R210-100-3, the Office of Museum Services will provide a letter of certification to the applying museum.