R414. Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage and Reimbursement Policy  

R414-1B. Payment for Limited Abortion Services
R414-1A. Medicaid Policy for Experimental, Investigational or Unproven Medical Practices
R414-1. Utah Medicaid Program
R414-2A. Inpatient Hospital Services
R414-3A. Outpatient Hospital Services
R414-7A. Medicaid Certification of New Nursing Facilities
R414-8. Electronic Personal Medical Records for the Medicaid Program
R414-9. Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics
R414-10A. Transplant Services Standards
R414-10. Physician Services
R414-11. Podiatric Services
R414-14A. Hospice Care
R414-14. Home Health Services
R414-15. Residents Personal Needs Fund
R414-19A. Coverage for Dialysis Services by an End Stage Renal Disease Facility
R414-21. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
R414-22. Administrative Sanction Procedures and Regulations
R414-23. Provider Enrollment
R414-27. Medicaid Enrollment Process for Nursing Care Facilities
R414-29. Client Review/Education and Restriction Policy
R414-31. Inpatient Psychiatric Services for Individuals Under Age 21
R414-32. Hospital Record-keeping Policy
R414-33D. Targeted Case Management for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness
R414-36. Rehabilitative Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services
R414-38. Personal Care Services
R414-40. Private Duty Nursing Service
R414-42. Telemedicine
R414-49. Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and Orthodontia
R414-52. Optometry Services
R414-53. Eyeglasses Services
R414-54. Speech-Language Pathology Services
R414-59. Audiology Services
R414-60B. Preferred Drug List
R414-60A. Drug Utilization Review Board
R414-60. Medicaid Policy for Pharmacy Program
R414-61. Home and Community-Based Services Waivers
R414-70. Medical Supplies, Durable Medical Equipment, and Prosthetic Devices
R414-71. Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment Program
R414-90. Diabetes Self-Management Training
R414-100. Medicaid Primary Care Network Services
R414-140. Choice of Health Care Delivery Program
R414-200. Non-Traditional Medicaid Health Plan Services
R414-301. Medicaid General Provisions
R414-302. Eligibility Requirements
R414-303. Coverage Groups
R414-304. Income and Budgeting
R414-305. Resources
R414-306. Program Benefits and Date of Eligibility
R414-307. Eligibility for Home and Community-Based Services Waivers
R414-308. Application, Eligibility Determinations and Improper Medical Assistance
R414-309. Medicare Drug Benefit Low-Income Subsidy Determination
R414-310. Medicaid Primary Care Network Demonstration Waiver
R414-311. Targeted Adult Medicaid
R414-312. Adult Expansion Medicaid
R414-320. Medicaid Health Insurance Flexibility and Accountability Demonstration Waiver
R414-401. Nursing Care Facility Assessment
R414-501. Preadmission Authorization, Retroactive Authorization, and Continued Stay Review
R414-502. Nursing Facility Levels of Care
R414-503. Preadmission Screening and Resident Review
R414-504. Nursing Facility Payments
R414-505. Participation in the Nursing Facility Non-State Government-Owned Upper Payment Limit Program
R414-506. Hospital Provider Assessments
R414-507. Ground Ambulance Service Provider Assessments
R414-508. Requirements for Transfer of Bed Licenses
R414-510. Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Transition Program and Education
R414-511. Medicaid Accountable Care Organization Incentives to Appropriately Use Emergency Room Services
R414-512. Use of Extrapolation in Provider Audits
R414-513. Intergovernmental Transfers
R414-514. Requirements for Moratorium Exception
R414-515. Long Term Acute Care
R414-516. Nursing Facility Non-State Government-Owned Upper Payment Limit Quality Improvement Program
R414-517. Inpatient Hospital Provider Assessments
R414-519. Settings for Home and Community-Based Services
R414-520. Admission Criteria for Medically Complex Children's Waiver
R414-521. Accountable Care Organization Hospital Report
R414-522. Electronic Visit Verification Requirements for Personal Care and Home Health Care Services