R406-202. Eligibility  

R406-202-1. Certification and Eligibility
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(1) The State WIC Office shall provide all clinics with:

(a) a uniform system for determining the eligibility of persons for the WIC program;

(b) uniform eligibility requirements and certification procedures;

(c) a management information system which shall be used to electronically enter applications, determine eligibility and document all nutritional risk, income and residency requirements for the certification process.

(2) The certification process is described as follows:

(a) When there are adequate program funds, each clinic will accept applications, determine eligibility and notify the applicants of their eligibility.

(b) When there are not funds available to provide program benefits, all applicants shall be placed on a waiting list and shall be notified, in writing, within 20 days of their application date. The application date is the date the applicant visits the clinic during clinic office hours to request program benefits.