R317. Environmental Quality, Water Quality

R317-1. Definitions and General Requirements
R317-2. Standards of Quality for Waters of the State
R317-3. Design Requirements for Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Disposal Systems
R317-4. Onsite Wastewater Systems
R317-5. Large Underground Wastewater Disposal (LUWD) Systems
R317-6. Ground Water Quality Protection
R317-7. Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program
R317-8. Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (UPDES)
R317-9. Administrative Procedures
R317-10. Certification of Wastewater Works Operators
R317-11. Certification Required to Design, Inspect and Maintain Underground Wastewater Disposal Systems, or Conduct Soil Evaluations or Percolation Tests for Underground Wastewater Disposal Systems
R317-12. Certification of Water Pollution Control Facility or Freestanding Pollution Control Property
R317-13. Approvals and Permits for a Water Reuse Project
R317-14. Approval of Change in Point of Discharge of POTW
R317-15. Water Quality Certification
R317-100. Utah State Project Priority System for the Utah Wastewater Project Assistance Program
R317-101. Utah Wastewater Project Assistance Program
R317-102. Utah Wastewater State Revolving Fund (SRF) Program
R317-401. Graywater Systems
R317-550. Rules for Liquid Waste Operations
R317-560. Rules for the Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Vault Privies and Earthen Pit Privies
R317-801. Utah Sewer Management Program (USMP)