R313. Environmental Quality, Waste Management and Radiation Control, Radiation  

R313-12. General Provisions
R313-14. Violations and Escalated Enforcement
R313-15. Standards for Protection Against Radiation
R313-16. General Requirements Applicable to the Installation, Registration, Inspection, and Use of Radiation Machines
R313-17. Administrative Procedures
R313-18. Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers by Licensees or Registrants--Inspections
R313-19. Requirements of General Applicability to Licensing of Radioactive Material
R313-21. General Licenses
R313-22. Specific Licenses
R313-24. Uranium Mills and Source Material Mill Tailings Disposal Facility Requirements
R313-25. License Requirements for Land Disposal of Radioactive Waste - General Provisions
R313-26. Generator Site Access Permit Requirements for Accessing Utah Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities
R313-28. Use of X-Rays in the Healing Arts
R313-30. Therapeutic Radiation Machines
R313-32. Medical Use of Radioactive Material
R313-34. Requirements for Irradiators
R313-35. Requirements for X-Ray Equipment Used for Non-Medical Applications
R313-36. Special Requirements for Industrial Radiographic Operations
R313-37. Physical Protection of Category 1 and Category 2 Quantities of Radioactive Material
R313-38. Licenses and Radiation Safety Requirements for Well Logging
R313-70. Payments, Categories and Types of Fees