R277. Education, Administration  

R277-100. Definitions for Utah State Board of Education (Board) Rules
R277-101. Public Participation in Utah State Board of Education Meetings
R277-104. ADA Complaint Procedure
R277-106. Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission Appointment Process
R277-107. Educational Services Outside of an Educator's Regular Employment
R277-108. Annual Assurance of Compliance by Local School Boards
R277-109. Legislative Reporting and Accountability
R277-110. Educator Salary Adjustment
R277-113. LEA Fiscal and Auditing Policies
R277-114. Corrective Action and Withdrawal or Reduction of Program Funds
R277-115. LEA Supervision and Monitoring Requirements of Third Party Providers and Contracts
R277-116. Audit Procedure
R277-120. Licensing of Material Developed with Public Education Funds
R277-121. Board Waiver of Administrative Rules
R277-122. Board of Education Procurement
R277-210. Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC), Definitions
R277-211. Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC), Rules of Procedure: Notification to Educators, Complaints and Final Disciplinary Actions
R277-212. UPPAC Hearing Procedures and Reports
R277-213. Request for Licensure Reinstatement and Reinstatement Procedures
R277-214. Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission Criminal Background Review
R277-215. Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC), Disciplinary Rebuttable Presumptions
R277-216. Surrender of License with UPPAC Investigation Pending
R277-301. Educator Licensing
R277-303. Educator Preparation Programs
R277-304. Teacher Preparation Programs
R277-305. School Leadership License Areas of Concentration and Programs
R277-308. New Educator Induction and Mentoring
R277-318. Teacher Salary Supplement Program
R277-322. LEA Codes of Conduct
R277-400. School Facility Emergency and Safety
R277-401. Child Abuse-Neglect Reporting by Education Personnel
R277-404. Requirements for Assessments of Student Achievement
R277-406. Early Literacy Program and Benchmark Reading Assessment
R277-407. School Fees
R277-409. Public School Membership in Associations
R277-410. Accreditation of Schools
R277-412. State Capitol Visit Program
R277-415. School Nurses Matching Funds
R277-417. Prohibiting LEAs and Third Party Providers from Offering Incentives or Disbursement for Enrollment or Participation
R277-418. Distance, Blended, Online, or Competency Based Learning Program
R277-419. Pupil Accounting
R277-420. Aiding Financially Distressed School Districts
R277-421. Out-of-State Tuition Reimbursement
R277-422. State Supported Voted Local Levy, Board Local Levy and Reading Improvement Program
R277-424. Indirect Costs for State Programs
R277-426. Definition of Private and Non-Profit Schools for Federal Program Services
R277-433. Disposal of Textbooks in the Public Schools
R277-436. Gang Prevention and Intervention Programs in the Schools
R277-437. Open Enrollment
R277-438. Dual Enrollment
R277-444. Distribution of Money to Arts and Science Organizations
R277-445. Classifying Small Schools as Necessarily Existent
R277-454. Construction Management of School Building Projects
R277-459. Teacher Supplies and Materials Appropriation
R277-460. Distribution of Substance Abuse Prevention Account
R277-461. Elementary School Counselor Grant Program
R277-462. School Counseling Program
R277-463. Class Size Average and Pupil-Teacher Ratio Reporting
R277-468. Parent/Guardian Review of Public Education Curriculum and Review of Complaint Process
R277-469. Instructional Materials Commission Operating Procedures
R277-471. School Construction Oversight, Inspections, Training and Reporting
R277-472. Charter School Student Enrollment and Transfers and School District Capacity Information
R277-474. School Instruction and Sex Education
R277-475. Patriotic, Civic and Character Education
R277-477. Distributions of Funds from the Trust Distribution Account and Administration of the School LAND Trust Program
R277-479. Funding for Charter School Students With Disabilities on an IEP
R277-480. Charter School Revolving Account
R277-483. LEA Reporting and Accounting Requirements
R277-484. Data Standards
R277-485. Loss of Enrollment
R277-486. Professional Staff Cost Program
R277-487. Public School Data Confidentiality and Disclosure
R277-488. Dual Language Immersion Program
R277-489. Kindergarten Entry and Exit Assessment - Early Intervention Program
R277-490. Beverley Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts Learning Program (BTSALP)
R277-491. School Community Councils
R277-492. Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR) Centers Program
R277-493. Kindergarten Supplemental Enrichment Program
R277-494. Charter, Online, Home, and Private School Student Participation in Extracurricular or Co-curricular School Activities
R277-495. Electronic Devices in Public Schools
R277-496. K-3 Reading Software Licenses
R277-497. School Accountability System
R277-498. Grant for Math Teaching Training
R277-499. Seal of Biliteracy
R277-500. Educator Licensing Renewal, Timelines, and Required Fingerprint Background Checks
R277-502. Educator Licensing and Data Retention
R277-503. Licensing Routes
R277-504. Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, Special Education (K-12), and Preschool Special Education (Birth-Age 5) Licensure
R277-505. Education Leadership License Areas of Concentration and Programs
R277-506. School Psychologists, School Social Workers, School Counselors, Communication Disorders (Audiologists), Speech-Language Pathologists, and Speech-Language Technicians Licenses and Programs
R277-507. Driver Education Endorsement
R277-508. Employment of Substitute Teachers
R277-509. Licensure of Student Teachers and Interns
R277-511. Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT) Level 1 License
R277-512. Online Licensure
R277-513. Teacher Leader
R277-514. Deaf Education in Public Schools
R277-515. Utah Educator Professional Standards
R277-516. Professional Standards and Training for Non-licensed Employees and Volunteers
R277-518. Career and Technical Education Licenses
R277-519. Educator Professional Learning Procedures and USBE Credit
R277-520. Appropriate Licensing and Assignment of Teachers
R277-521. National Board Certification Reimbursement
R277-522. Entry Years Enhancements (EYE) for Quality Teaching - Level 1 Utah Teachers
R277-524. Paraprofessional/Paraeducator Programs, Assignments, and Qualifications
R277-525. Special Educator Stipends
R277-526. Paraeducator to Teacher Scholarship Program
R277-527. International Guest Teachers
R277-528. Use of Public Education Job Enhancement Program (PEJEP) Funds
R277-530. Utah Effective Educator Standards
R277-531. Public Educator Evaluation Requirements (PEER)
R277-532. Local Board Policies for Evaluation of Non-Licensed Public Education Employees (Classified Employees)
R277-533. Educator Evaluation Systems
R277-550. Charter Schools - Definitions
R277-551. Charter Schools - General Provisions
R277-552. Charter School Timelines and Approval Processes
R277-553. Charter School Oversight, Monitoring and Appeals
R277-554. State Charter School Board Grants and Mentoring Program
R277-555. Corrective Action Against Charter School Authorizers
R277-600. Student Transportation Standards and Procedures
R277-601. Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations
R277-602. Carson Smith Scholarships -- Funding and Procedures
R277-603. Autism Awareness Restricted Account Distribution
R277-604. Private School, Home School, and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) Student Participation in Public School Achievement Tests
R277-605. Coaching Standards and Athletic Clinics
R277-606. Dropout Prevention and Recovery Program
R277-607. Truancy Prevention
R277-608. Prohibition of Corporal Punishment in Utah's Public Schools
R277-609. Standards for LEA Discipline Plans and Emergency Safety Interventions
R277-610. Released-Time Classes and Public Schools
R277-611. Certified Volunteer Instructors and Material Approval Requirements and Process for Firearm Safety in the Public Schools
R277-612. Foreign Exchange Students
R277-613. LEA Disruptive Student Behavior, Bullying, Cyber-bullying, Hazing, Retaliation, and Abusive Conduct Policies and Training
R277-614. Athletes and Students with Head Injuries
R277-615. Standards and Procedures for Student Searches
R277-616. Education for Homeless and Emancipated Students
R277-617. Smart School Technology Program
R277-619. Student Leadership Skills Development
R277-620. Suicide Prevention Programs
R277-621. District of Residence
R277-622. School-based Mental Health Qualified Grant Program
R277-700. The Elementary and Secondary School General Core
R277-702. Procedures for the Utah High School Completion Diploma
R277-703. Centennial Scholarship for Early Graduation
R277-704. Financial and Economic Literacy: Integration into Core Curriculum
R277-705. Secondary School Completion and Diplomas
R277-706. Public Education Regional Service Centers
R277-707. Enhancement for Accelerated Students Program
R277-708. Enhancement for At-Risk Students
R277-709. Education Programs Serving Youth in Custody
R277-710. Intergenerational Poverty Interventions in Public Schools
R277-712. Competency-based Grant Programs
R277-713. Concurrent Enrollment of Students in College Courses
R277-715. Out-of-School Time Program Standards
R277-716. Alternative Language Services for Utah Students
R277-717. High School Course Grading Requirements
R277-718. Out-of-School Time Program Quality Improvement Grants
R277-719. Standards for Selling Foods Outside of the Reimbursable Meal in Schools
R277-720. Reimbursement Program for Early Graduation from Competency-Based Education
R277-724. Criteria for Sponsors Recruiting Day Care Facilities in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
R277-726. Statewide Online Education Program
R277-733. Adult Education Programs
R277-735. Corrections Education Programs
R277-746. Driver Education Programs for Utah Schools
R277-750. Education Programs for Students with Disabilities
R277-751. Special Education Extended School Year (ESY)
R277-752. Special Education Intensive Services Fund
R277-753. LEA Reporting Requirements for Section 504 Students
R277-800. Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind
R277-801. Services for Students who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, Visually Impaired, and Deaf-Blind
R277-910. Underage Drinking Prevention Program
R277-911. Secondary Career and Technical Education
R277-912. Law Enforcement Related Incident Reporting
R277-914. Career and Technical Student Organizations
R277-915. Work-based Learning Programs
R277-916. College and Career Awareness
R277-920. School Improvement - Implementation of the School Turnaround and Leadership Development Act
R277-921. Strengthening College and Career Readiness Program
R277-922. Digital Teaching and Learning Grant Program
R277-923. American Indian and Alaskan Native Education State Plan Pilot Programs
R277-924. Partnerships for Student Success Grant Program
R277-925. Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools Incentive Program
R277-926. Certification of Residential Treatment Center Special Education Program
R277-927. Teacher and Student Success Act (TSSA) Program
R277-928. High-Need Schools Grant